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Using Pumble

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Channel Basics


In Pumble, your team collaborates in channels. A channel represents a single place for a team of users to communicate with each other and share files.

You can adjust workspace settings and choose who can create, archive, remove members and manage posting permissions in channels.

Take a look at a short video, or read the instructions below to learn how to use channels.

All about channels #

  • Channels can be organized by team, project, or any category you find important
  • Team members can join and leave channels at any time
  • Threads help you organize your conversations

Creating channels #

There is no limit to how many channels you can have and you can organize them around anything relevant.

Channels can be either public or private.

# Public channels

  • All team members can join and everything that’s posted in them can be searched by anyone

🔒 Private channels #

  • They require an invitation to join the channel and used for conversations that shouldn’t be available to all team members

Joining channels #

Here’s how to join public or private channels.

Using channels #

To better organize your discussions, here are some suggestions:

  • Channels should follow pre-established naming guidelines (#design, #QA, #support, etc.)
  • Each channel should have a clear description
  • Use message threads to keep conversations in channels from being messy and all over the place

Default channels #

By default, each Pumble workspace gets a #general and #random channel. All members who join your workspace have access to these channels automatically.

#general channel is the only channel in Pumble that is not possible to leave. We recommend using this channel to share only important messages that everyone needs to see.

On the other hand, #random channel is (as the name implies) for random stuff generally not related to work and any user can leave it at any moment if they would like.