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You can start a thread from any message to organize discussions in your channels and/or direct messages (DMs). By using threads, you can easily discuss any topic in greater detail without having to add clutter to the main view of the conversation. This way, you can easily track your discussions.

What to anticipate #

  • Threads are always connected to the original message
  • All replies to a thread won’t appear in the main view of the conversation
  • Notifications will be sent out only to those who have contributed or followed the thread
  • If you use @here and @channel in a thread, members of the conversation won’t be notified

Take a look at a short video, or read the instructions below to learn how to use threads.

Replying to a thread or starting a new one #

  1. Hover over the message you’d like to reply to
  2. Click on the reply in thread icon
  3. Enter your reply
  4. Send your message
  1. Tap on a message you wish to reply to
  2. Tap on Start a thread icon
  3. Enter the message
  4. Tap on the paper plane icon to send it

Apart from following the threads and replying to them, you can also mention workspace member in a channel they are not a member of, and invite them to join the channel by clicking Invite them link. This new member will start following the thread automatically and will be able to see the messages from the one they were invited with.

Managing threads you follow #

You’ll get notified of any new replies to a thread you started, or had replied to, or if someone had mentioned you in the original message or any replies within a thread. If there’s a thread you didn’t engage in, you have the option to follow it and remain cognizant.

  1. Hover over the desired thread
  2. Click on the three dots icon
  3. Click on Follow thread to receive notifications of new messages posted in threads
  4. Choose Unfollow thread to stop receiving notifications
  1. Tap on the thread
  2. Tap on the three dots icon
  3. Tap on Follow Thread to receive new notifications
  4. Tap on Unfollow Thread to stop receiving notifications

Viewing all threads #

Click on Threads at the top left corner of your sidebar to see all conversations that you’re following. All threads with any unread replies will appear at the top of the list. From your Threads view, you have a couple of options:

  1. Reply to any thread
  2. Click on the channel name in the header of the thread to see the original message
  3. Click on three dots icon to unfollow a thread
  4. Choose Unfollow thread to complete the action

Tap on Threads while on the Home tab at the top of your screen to check out all the conversations that you’re following. This is where any threads with any unread replies will appear at the very top of the list. From your Threads view, you can do the following:

  1. Tap on Reply to give a comment on a thread
  2. Tap on the header of a thread to unfollow a thread
  3. Tap thethree dots icon
  4. Choose Unfollow Thread to complete the action