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Using Pumble

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How to Search

Aleksandar Olic

 Search your Workspace for your team’s conversation history in Pumble to find the relevant messages you need.

  1. Click the search field at the top
  2. Type in the search field what you’re looking for (it can be a keyword, phrase)
  3. Click Enter to view all results
  4. Choose a filter if you’d like to narrow down the search

You can also use your keyboard to start the search in #general channel (Ctrl or Cmd + k) or search in a specific channel or conversation that you chose (Ctrl or Cmd + f).

  1. Tap on the Search at the bottom
  2. Start typing what you’re looking for (it can be a keyword, phrase) in the search field
  3. Choose the option from the search results
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Filtering search results #

Filter your results to find exactly what you need.

People Search for messages sent by specific users by marking them in filters

Channels & direct messages – Search for messages from specific channels or your direct messages by marking them in filters

Specific message – Search for a specific message in your DMs/Conversations by entering a keyword in the search field (e.g. If you’d like to search for a sentence mentioning “Sales Team strategy”, just enter “Sales” in a DM/conversation search field and all the messages in your DMs/conversations containing that term will be listed.)