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Using Pumble

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Aleksandar Olic

Navigate Pumble with minimal efforts by using Keyboard shortcuts.

Take a look at a short video, or the spreadsheet below to see which keyboard shortcuts are available.

Search in channel/conversation you’re currently inCtrl/Cmd + f
Jump to a conversationCtrl/Cmd + k
All DMsCtrl/Cmd + Shift + k
Channel browserCtrl/Cmd + Shift + l
[Desktop] Threads Ctrl/Cmd+ Shift + t
Previous unread channel or DMAlt/options + Shift + Up
Next unread channel or DMAlt/options + Shift + Down
[Desktop] Open your preferences Ctrl/Cmd + ,
Show/hide right sidebarCtrl/Cmd + .
Upload file (when message field in focus)Ctrl/Cmd + u
[Desktop] New messageCtrl/Cmd + n
Show/hide left sidebarCtrl/Cmd + Shift + d
Delete typed out text in editor Ctrl/Cmd + z
Bold text in editorCtrl/Cmd + b
Italic text in editorCtrl/Cmd + i
Strikethrough text in editorCtrl/Cmd + Shift + x
Search message history (go back)Alt/Cmd + ⬅️ or Cmd + [
Search message history (go forward)Alt/Cmd + ➡️ or Cmd + ]
Start recordingCtrl + Cmd/Alt + a
Stop recordingEnter/Space
Cancel recordingEsc
Turn camera on/offCtrl/Cmd + e or press v
Mute/unmute microphoneCtrl/Cmd + d or press m
Hide/show call participantsCtrl + Alt/Cmd + p

Accessibility #

Here at Pumble, we want to make sure that everyone can use the app in a way that suits them best. Therefore we developed different accessibility functionalities and features. There’s a set of keyboard shortcuts if you want to take action quickly, or navigate through your message history with back/forward keyboard keys.

To see the message history:

  • Go back: Cmd + [ and Cmd + ⬅️ for Mac OS or Alt+ ⬅️ for Windows app
  • Go forward: Cmd+ ] and Cmd + ➡️ for Mac OS or Alt + ➡️ for Windows app

Navigate through the message history in the desktop app by using the arrows at the top of the screen.

You can find them next to the History button.