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Using Pumble

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Aleksandar Olic

Navigate Pumble with minimal efforts by using Keyboard shortcuts.

Take a look at a short video, or the spreadsheet below to see which keyboard shortcuts are available.

Search in channel or conversation you are in currentlyCtrl or Cmd + F
Jump to a conversationCtrl or Cmd + K
All DMsCtrl or Cmd + Shift + K
Channel browserCtrl or Cmd + Shift + L
Threads (desktop only)Ctrl or Cmd+ Shift + T
Previous unread channel or DMAlt or options + Shift + Up
Next unread channel or DMAlt or options + Shift + Down
Open your preferences (desktop only)Ctrl or Cmd + ,
Search current channel or conversationCtrl or Cmd + F
Collapse or expand the right sidebarCtrl or Cmd + .
Upload file (when the message field is in focus)Ctrl or Cmd + U