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Create Pumble account.

Create Pumble Channels

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Create channels in your workspace.

Invite team members

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Invite your team to join you.

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Download Pumble app.

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How to launch Pumble

Steps to help anyone roll out Pumble to their entire organization, from wherever they are.

Create business channels

Create public channels for projects and teams inside your company. Connect information and right people, share knowledge and experiences, and learn from the context of past decisions.

Create business channels
Create social channels

Create social channels

Social channels like #running, #music, #podcasts and #lunch help to build relationships and keep people connected.

Invite partners and customers

Whether you’re working with a vendor on a project, a customer on a contract, or a partner on a campaign, you can use a guest access to connect your two organizations.

Invite partners and customers
Start video conferencing

Start group video meetings

Start face-to-face meeting with your team or with partners and customers, share your screen to show them your ideas, and make a decision together.

Share knowledge with the whole team

Send files and documents, e-books and guides, and everything related to your business. Record a video clip to explain important things.

Share knowledge with the team

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