Anja Bojic - Communication researcher and author at Pumble (former)

About 4 years ago, Anja devoted her career to writing — when she joined our team, she was already an experienced writer. Fast forward to the present day and you’re looking at an expert who usually writes about workplace communication, the state of remote work, and improving overall employee experience.

After obtaining a BA in English language and literature and starting her MA in the same field, she decided to start a family and is now a proud mom of 2 girls. As someone who always loved studying, she continued her education through various online courses, books, and seminars — and all that while taking care of her kids and working full-time.

Although she deems herself an introvert, her curiosity and desire to learn more about everything that comes her way have turned her into a serious and well-informed author. Nothing will stop Anja from getting the information she wants and writing another amazing text on communication, employee experience, or working from home.

As a true linguist, she simply loves memes, unintentional and intentional puns, as well as other word games. She’s amazing at picking up things on the go and she’s always up for a new challenge, especially if it helps her educate and engage her readers. She spends her days exploring every nook and cranny of the digital world, looking for other experts she can learn from, and making sure to spend quality time with her family.