Transform How Your Team Collaborates and Connects: Turn Your Video On

Do you think your remote team could use more engagement?

Is ineffective remote collaboration technology ruining your teamwork? 

It might be time to rethink how your team members collaborate and connect.  

More specifically — what tools you use to facilitate remote and hybrid teamwork. 

Let’s explore how you can help your team get on the same page faster by using more immediate remote-friendly video conferencing.


Avoid misunderstandings with real-time collaboration

We’ve all been there. 

One misread line in an email, and you’ve wasted a few hours if you’re not careful. 

You go back and forth with your team, trying to decipher what exactly that one key stakeholder meant by that one particularly ambiguous line.   

This would almost never happen if you use video conferencing as your default means of collaboration.

Just being able to see the people you’re speaking with puts your mind at ease knowing you’ll understand each other much easier. 

Even if some misunderstandings take place, the immediacy of speaking on video helps you get on the same page much faster. You can ask questions and immediately get clarification. 

Having everyone on board and face-to-face (virtually) at the same time means you’ll be able to observe your teammate’s reactions in real time and get more accurate feedback on your ideas. This also helps speed up your decision making. 

Moreover, according to research on remote work, people who use video conferencing regularly are 2.4 times more likely to report it’s easier to collaborate with others.

This is where the all-in-one team communication solutions, such as Pumble, step in and let your team get their work done faster. 

Pumble helps keep your team in sync with a seamless video experience

Video conferencing in Pumble
Video conferencing in Pumble

You can create a meeting link and share it with your team in channels, DMs, and groups, or paste it into calendars.

You are even able to invite external partners to join your meetings and have any ambiguous lines clarified right away. 

And, anyone from your team can join your brainstorming sessions with one click.  

You can also seamlessly share your screen during video calls with your teammates to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Build trust and shared understanding with high-quality video conferencing

Video conferencing helps your team not only work better together but create more trusting and meaningful relationships.

After all, body language and non-verbal communication make up more than half of our total communication, as the famous study shows

Observing the body language and non-verbal cues of the people you’re talking to is instrumental to building trust.

Having a visual of the person in real time lets you pretty accurately gauge: 

  • If they are engaged in the conversation, 
  • Where they stand on the topic, and 
  • Whether they understand the point being discussed. 

Video calls are the closest thing to seeing your teammates in person when you’re working in a remote or hybrid company, so make sure to make it worth your while. 

Pumble’s powerful video conferencing lets your team build trust and improve teamwork with high-quality video meetings in group or one-on-one formats. You never have to worry about missing a single cue from your team or misreading a tone in an email. 

Moreover, to further strengthen your team’s connection, be sure to add some fun to your team meetings. Organize less formal virtual events to help your team connect on a more meaningful level and feel part of the community. This could be anything from 10-minute ice-breakers to full one-hour virtual team-building sessions. 

One-on-one video conferencing in Pumble 
One-on-one video conferencing in Pumble 

Boost productivity and save money with effective collaboration

Your teamwork is only as good as the conditions you create. 

Sadly, US businesses lose as much as $650 billion per year due to workplace distractions, statistics show

At the same time, employees experiencing fewer distractions reported having higher productivity and engagement. 

The math is clear — if you want your teamwork to thrive, create a space where your team can collaborate freely.  

Luckily, Pumble is a perfect team collaboration software that helps your team work together without interruptions. 

Don’t let your busy or messy surroundings distract your brainstorming in a meeting — hide it with the background blur feature in Pumble.  

Use in-call messages for side conversations and keep the main discussion on track. 

Let your team know when you want to chime in without interrupting the speaker — use the raise hand option

Hand raising in Pumble 
Hand raising in Pumble 

Improve asynchronous teamwork with recorded sessions 

Remote and hybrid work often come with the added challenges of working different hours or across time zones. 

This can ostensibly affect how your team works together and connects. 

Delays, missed messages, narrow meeting windows, insufficient connection, and limited opportunities for employee recognition are just a few of the downsides to working with global teams.  

Fortunately, it’s not all gloom and doom. 

Your team can still experience all the benefits of virtual collaboration even in async mode

With Pumble’s video features such as meeting recording and video messages, your team can feel like they’re in the same room even when miles or hours apart. 

Can’t find a time slot for a meeting that works for all? Press the recording button in your meeting and get your remote teammates up to speed on all discussions.

Similarly, when your employees can’t make it to a meeting, they can share their progress updates asynchronously using Pumble video messages. This way, your team feels more connected and invested in each other’s contributions to the whole picture. 

Video message in Pumble 
Video message in Pumble 

Being able to see and hear each other even when it’s not in real time helps your team work better together and build stronger bonds. 

Create a remote team connection with Pumble 

Remote and hybrid work models continue to demand more opportunities for teams to work together and engage face-to-face. 

With Pumble’s powerful video conferencing, you can let your team connect, build trust, and work together better — in real time and asynchronously. 

Ready to create a healthy video-first culture and transform how your team collaborates?

Ana  Erkic

Ana Erkić is a writer and researcher, as well as a content editor, specialized in team communication and collaboration. A long-time remote worker herself, she is interested in exploring the remote and hybrid work environment and how it relates to both employee experience and team communication and collaboration as a whole.

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