Connect Google Calendar and Pumble

See your schedule, respond to invites, and get event updates.

Create events and invite others

Once you've integrated your Google Calendar you can schedule meetings with anyone and send a calendar invite to the meeting attendees.

The look of Google Calendar events in Pumble channel

See your schedule

Get a daily rundown of your schedule delivered each morning or a night in advance.

See your Google Calendar schedule in Pumble

Show team when you’re busy

Automatically update your status in Pumble so your teammates know why you might be slow to respond.

Plan your GitHub release in Pumble

How to Connect Google Calendar and Pumble?


Create Pumble account

To start communication with your team, the first thing you need to do is create an account.

Create Pumble account

Choose Google Calendar from the Apps section

On the Pumble’s sidebar go to the Apps section and choose Google Calendar from the list.

Image of the Apps setion in Pumble where you can find Google Calendar

See the list of commands

You can view the list of commands available within your Google Calendar integration.

All commands you can do from Pumble

Your meeting is in your Calendar

All your Pumble meetings will be visible in Google Calendar together with the link.

Find Pumble meeting in your Calendar

Start or join the meeting

Start or join video meetings available for everyone, on any device. Invite your colleagues or external partners - even if they don’t have a Pumble account.

Start a call from Pumble

Integrate Pumble with More Apps


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Connect Pumble to more than 3000 apps.



Keep your workflows in sync.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pumble integration?

Pumble integrations connect tools like Google Calendar, Email and Zapier to Pumble, to help supercharge your workflow. Integrations are built using Pumble API.

Can I create my own integrations?

Yes you can. The Pumble API is publicly available for anyone to explore. You can view our documentation and get started. You can create internal integrations for private use, or build public integrations that are available to Pumble users.

Do integrations cost money to use?

While Pumble does not charge a fee to use integrations, our partners may charge a fee for using their service.

Do I need to upgrade my plan to install integrations?

You can access the API and install integrations on any Pumble subscription.