Connect Zapier and Pumble

Create custom Zapier workflows by choosing triggers, actions, and searches.

Pumble + Google Sheets

Connect Google Sheets and Pumble through Zapier and let Pumble messages you whenever Google Sheets rows and columns are updated.

Pumble + Gmail

Connect Pumble and Gmail through Zapier to receive and send responses to your Gmail emails as Pumble channel messages.

Pumble + Trello

Connect Pumble and Trello through Zapier to easier create Trello cards from new saved Pumble messages.

How to Connect Zapier and Pumble?


Create Pumble and Zapier accounts

To connect Pumble and Zapier you need to have both accounts. Both of them are free.


Choose apps

On the Zapier’s Dashboard screen, chose which apps should be connected.


Choose triggers

Choose a triggering app, authorize access to it, and configure the trigger condition.


Choose actions

Click "Add a step", choose "Action/Search", and select the app where you want the change to be reflected.


Start the automations

Give your zap a name, turn it ON, and that’s it. When the trigger occurs, the corresponding action will be performed.

Available Pumble Triggers and Actions


New Reaction Added
New Pushed Message
New Public Message Posted Anywhere
New Message Posted To Private Channel
New Message Posted To Channel
New Mention


Create Channel
Send Channel Message
Send Direct Message
Send Private Channel Message
Set Status


Find User By Name
Find User By Username
Find User By ID
Find User By Email
Find Channel By Name
Find Channel By ID

Native Pumble Integrations Without Zapier


Get notified about GitHub changes in Pumble.



Automatically syndicate site content.



Join Zoom meetings directly from Pumble.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pumble integration?

Pumble integrations connect tools like Google Calendar, Email and Zapier to Pumble, to help supercharge your workflow. Integrations are built using Pumble API.

Can I create my own integrations?

Yes you can. The Pumble API is publicly available for anyone to explore. You can view our documentation and get started. You can create internal integrations for private use, or build public integrations that are available to Pumble users.

Do integrations cost money to use?

While Pumble does not charge a fee to use integrations, our partners may charge a fee for using their service.

Do I need to upgrade my plan to install integrations?

You can access the API and install integrations on any Pumble subscription.