Use channels, forget inbox

Replace old email inbox and streamline communication with channels, direct messages and threads

Checking your email inbox and writing your response takes too much time. Researchers discovered that the average worker checks inbox about 15 times per day and spends more than 3 hours every day checking and writing emails at work.

Pumble business messaging app channels

With Pumble channels, direct messages and threads replace long email exchanges and save a lot of time. Pumble is an app for teams to send and receive messages and files, as well as to make important decisions related to a certain theme, all in one place.

One place for all

Share files with the whole team at once without annoying cc’ing and checking if you’ve included everybody

No one likes to be left out of an important update because they weren't notified. In order to be secure, most individuals intentionally add a full team to each email that addresses a specific part of their work.

One Place

When you have one place for all team messages, like you have channels in Pumble, there’s no need for additional email addresses. In one place you start discussions, share files and ideas, and settle meetings.

Communicate your status

Let coworkers know when you’re out of the office (or simply busy)

Anyone who has ever used email knows about “out of office” messages that go out to colleagues, customers and clients when you are away from work. If you’re familiar with it, you know the struggle of writing that message in a proper way with all the information needed.

Set status in Pumble desktop app

Setting a custom status in Pumble does the same thing. Use it to notify people of upcoming vacations or to let them know when you'll be returning from a holiday. In the case that teammates begin writing you a direct message, they'll be able to see your current status and know that it will take some time to receive a response.

Replace one-line emails with emoji

Acknowlegde that you received someone’s message in a faster and less intrusive way

You’re receiving thousands of emails on which your only response should be “OK” or “I agree” or “Sounds good”. And usually you don’t respond to it, but in that case your colleague doesn't know if you 100% agree with him.

Pumble emojis reactions

With Pumble, you can avoid these situations and use emoji to react to a message so your teammates know your opinion. When you’ve worked with the same coworkers for a period of time, they’ll immediately know what your️ emojis means.

See how Pumble works

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