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Use Pumble as email alternative

Use Pumble as email alternative

Share texts, photos, or any kind of files for free in the safe chat app. You don’t need long emails with explanations. Just send it to the channel or direct message to your author and they will be in the know.

Use Pumble channels and threads

Send direct messages

Let people know when you’re available

Determine needs and requirements

Once you agree to collaborate with an external partner and set goals and expectations, it’s essential that both sides clearly state their needs and requirements.

Set deadlines

Agree on the number of words you need to fulfill

Set a price per number of words or pages

Spanish channel discussion
Share everything in channels

Have a face-to-face chat

While Pumble’s channels are text-based, sometimes you need to have a call to discuss things. Pumble allows you to have an audio or video call inside the app. Start the call with the click of a button - and you will share your ideas quickly.

Organize video meetings

Share your screen and your ideas

Get focused with do not disturb mode

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Start team communication

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“Pumble has a free chat history feature”

“One of the main reasons we switched to Pumble from Slack was the fact that Slack was too expensive for us and the free version of it didn't keep the history of messages.

Pumble has a free chat history feature included from the start which is very important for us. Another feature that we like a lot is the channels. It's pretty much the same as in Slack (and that was the reason we switched to Slack from Skype, that had the history, but we didn't really like the group's part. The messages and channels structure feels a lot more natural in Slack/Pumble than in Skype.) The Slack plan that we had didn't have the feature of keeping the history of our chats, which might be not critical for some departments (such as marketing), but for projects' discussion, it's important to see what has been discussed previously to have paper track.”

Zee G.

Digital Operations Manager | Information Technology and Services, 11-50 employees

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