The basics of reminders

Pumble Channels

Remind yourself about a message

Ask Pumble to remind you about messages you choose. Click on the three dots when you hover over your message, and then on the Remind me about this and choose a timeframe.

How to remind yourself?


Hover over the message and select the three-dot menu.


Select Remind me about this.


Select a time from the options available, or choose Custom to set your own unique time.

What else you can use

Reminders are great for one-time, same-day notes to yourself, but what else you can use?

Mark message as unread

If you read a message but don’t have time to address it right away, you can mark that message as unread. Marking a message as unread bolds the channel in your sidebar, and adds the line of the new message above the marked message.

Save your message

Save your messages so you can always come back to them. To see all of your saved messages, select the Bookmark icon in the sidebar. The sidebar opens to show the list of saved messages.

Send yourself a message

Send yourself important messages and never lose information.

Pumble Channels

More features

Sort and filter

Filter search results to find exactly what you need.

Dark theme

Dim the lights and use Pumble in a beautiful jet-black color scheme.

Channel browser

Join channels in your workspace that interest you.

Message formatting

Highlight important messages and code snippets in your messages.


Quickly jump between conversations using just your keyboard.

Share files & links

Share files, images, videos, and links with everyone.

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