Why use voice messages?

Voice messages in channels

Save more time

Turn that 30 minute meeting into a 30 second voice message and get on with your day. Sending voice notes in Pumble instead of text and increase your efficiency.

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“Very fast. Easy to handle and understand. Messages pop up even if the application is minimised. Having the ability to create channels and also have the thread feature.”

Servesh S.

Playback message

Use Pumble to easily record and share messages for playback with the entire team. Your voice messages will always be one click away from you and your colleagues.

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“I am enjoying using this software to discuss with my friends about work and just general stuff. It's easy, light and simple. A great product overall.”

Owen W.

Playback your voice messages
Share ideas with voice messages

Quickly share ideas and updates

Typed messages can miss necessary details that shared recordings don't. Just tap, talk, and send to give updates, share ideas, and be more expressive.

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“Pumble is so easy to use and is set out in a way that makes it easy for teams to navigate and work together on multiple projects via channels!

Aaron M.

Voice or video messages

Record and send voice or video message to your teammates and they can play it multiple times and whenever they see it.

Send voice messages

Voice messages allow teams to work better together, making the future of work simpler, more pleasant and productive.

Send voice messages

Record video messages

Record live video messages to your teammates so they can see it immediately or play back later.

Record video messages

More features


Organize conversations into dedicated spaces for different teams.

Direct messages

Send messages and files to your teammates individually.

Channel browser

Join channels in your workspace that interest you.

Message formatting

Highlight important messages and code snippets in your messages.


Collaborate with external partners and vendors in Pumble.

Share files & links

Share files, images, videos, and links with everyone.

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