Pumble Server

Host Pumble on your own servers for maximum security and privacy. Keep your internal company conversations safe and secure.

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Self hosted

Enterprise grade security and privacy

Chat and collaboration software that’s perfect for companies that cannot use cloud solutions due to strict privacy and security policies.


All features are included.


All data is encrypted by default.


Manage and control user accounts.

Single sign-in

Manage access using SSO (SAML2, OAuth2, AD/LDAP etc)

Open API

Push and pull data to and from Pumble via API / webhooks.


Unlimited number of workspaces to keep team data separate.


Quick and simple maintenance using Docker.


Phone and priority email support, with response within 24h.


Choose when to get new updates and features.

Why choose Pumble Server?
  • Private

    Own your data and host it on your premise or private cloud servers (e.g. AWS or Azure).

  • Secure

    Zero risk as you don’t need to rely on 3rd-party providers.

  • Scaleable

    Pumble’s system can accommodate 1000s of users and workspaces.

  • Compliant

    No need to think about security, compliance, and data regulations.

Additional services
  • Premium Support

    Get an SLA that will specify the level of support your company needs (e.g. guaranteed response time and technical assistance).

  • Managed Service

    Need a private server and control in which country the data is stored? Our team can manage a private cloud server just for you.