Discord plans and pricing

Prices of Discord plans vary depending on the payment method and countries from which you are purchasing the paid plans. 

This means that if you are, for example, purchasing a Nitro Basic plan from Brazil, you will pay 8.9 Brazilian real (~$1.79), and if you buy it from Poland, you will have to spend 13.99 Polish zloty (~$3.50). 

However, if there are no localized plans available for your country or region, you will pay a fixed amount of $2.99 for Nitro Basic. 

Also, paying in euros is currently available in most EEA countries that use the euro, as well as Poland (In Poland, you can pay in both zloty and euros).

Discord Nitro Basic: Pricing Overview

Here are the localized prices for Nitro Basic and Nitro plans:

Nitro Basic prices
Currency Monthly price Yearly price
USD (US dollar) $2.99 $29.99
EUR (Euro) €2.99 (~$3.23) €29.99 (~$32.40)
BRL (Brazilian real) R$8.90 (~$1.79) R$89.90 (~$18.09)
PLN (Polish zloty) Zł13.99 (~$3.51) Zł139.99 (~$35.10)
TRY (Turkish lira) ₺37.99 (~$1.21) ₺379 (~$12.09)
AUD (Australian dollar) AU$4.49 (~$2.92) AU$44.99 (~$29.28)
PEN (Peruvian sol) S/8.90 (~$2.34) S/89.90 (~$23.66)
MXN (Mexican peso) MXN$49 (~$2.88) MXN$489 (~$28.72)
PHP (Philippine peso) ₱99.90 (~$1.78) ₱999 (~$17.82)
COP (Colombian peso) COP$7,500 (~$1.91) COP$74,900 (~$19.07)
CLP (Chilean peso) CLP1,900 (~$1.98) CLP18,900 (~$19.66)
JPY (Japanese yen) ¥350 (~$2.33) ¥3,500 (~$23.27)
MYR (Malaysian ringgit) RM11.90 (~$2.51) RM119.90 (~$25.26)
IDR (Indonesian rupiah) Rp29,000 (~$1.84) Rp289,000 (~$18.39)
VND (Vietnamese dong) ₫42,000 (~$1.70) ₫419,000 (~$16.99)
THB (Thai baht) ฿79 (~$2.20) ฿789 (~$21.97)
KRW (South Korean won) ₩3,500 (~$2.62) ₩35,000 (~$26.22)

Discord Nitro: Pricing Overview

Here are the detailed prices for Discord’s Nitro plan:

Nitro prices
Currency Monthly price Yearly price
USD (US dollar) $9.99 $99.99
EUR (Euro) €9.99 (~$10.81) €99.99 (~$108.18)
BRL (Brazilian real) R$24.99 (~$5.04) R$249.99 (~$50.40)
PLN (Polish zloty) Zł47.99 (~$12.03) R$249.99 (~$50.40)
TRY (Turkish lira) ₺104.99 (~$3.35) ₺1,049.99 (~$33.50)
AUD (Australian dollar) AU$12.99 (~$8.45) AU$129.99 (~$84.56)
PEN (Peruvian sol) S/23.99 (~$6.35) S/239.99 (~$63.52)
MXN (Mexican peso) MXN$159 (~$9.34) MXN$1,590 (~$93.40)
PHP (Philippine peso) ₱263.99 (~$4.71) ₱2,639.99 (~$47.11)
COP (Colombian peso) COP$19,570 (~$4.99) COP$195,700 (~$49.86)
CLP (Chilean peso) CLP5,360 (~$5.57) CLP53,600 (~$55.74)
JPY (Japanese yen) ¥1,050 (~$6.97) ¥10,500 (~$69.75)
MYR (Malaysian ringgit) RM31.99 (~$6.74) RM319.99 (~$67.42)
IDR (Indonesian rupiah) Rp83,169 (~$5.29) Rp831,690 (~$52.90)
VND (Vietnamese dong) ₫113,000 (~$4.58) ₫1,130,000 (~$45.83)
THB (Thai baht) ฿215 (~$5.98) ฿2,150 (~$59.83)
KRW (South Korean won) ₩9,800 (~$7.34) ₩98,000 (~$73.39)

Discord used to offer another popular plan — Nitro Classic — but it was replaced by the aforementioned Nitro Basic plan. Hence, new users cannot opt for it anymore.

However, old users can still use their Nitro Classic accounts, for now — until they cancel their subscriptions.

Pumble Pro Tip

If you think these prices are too high, or just need something that Discord doesn’t offer, check out the possible Discord alternatives:

20 Best Discord Alternatives for 2024

Discord’s pricing explained

As you have seen above, prices for Discord plans vary worldwide. 

In some countries, Nitro plans are pretty high-priced, while in others, they are affordable. 

Let’s see what these plans actually have to offer and whether they’ll get you your money’s worth. 

Discord free plan

The Discord Free plan is limited when compared to both Nitro plans. 

However, it is still suitable for gamers or professionals looking for an efficient and free VoIP tool. 

Discord's free plan includes the following: 

  • Voice communication with other Discord users, 
  • Group voice communication in Discord channels, 
  • Narrower search for other servers thanks to search filters, 
  • File uploads up to 25 MB (larger files can be sent in RAR or ZIP format), and
  • Unlimited file storage. 
Discord interface
Discord interface

Nitro Basic plan

The Nitro Basic plan is ideal for users who want additional features, but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a subscription. 

Also, purchasing a Nitro Basic plan is a nice way to say “Thank you” to the Discord team if you like and use the app a lot. 

The Nitro Basic plan is priced at $2,99 per month per person or $29.99 per person annually. However, Discord prices vary depending on your location and the currency you use, so we recommend you check out the table with the prices we created above. 

If you opt for the Nitro Basic plan, you will get the following: 

  • File uploads up to 50 MB, 
  • Unlimited super reactions, 
  • Custom stickers, 
  • Custom App icons, 
  • Custom emojis, 
  • Custom video backgrounds, and 
  • Nitro badge on your profile. 

Overall, Nitro Basic is better than the free plan. 

However, if you are looking for the real benefits of a paid subscription, the following Nitro plan might be the perfect one for you. 

Nitro plan

Nitro plan is an all-encompassing paid plan that offers you various possibilities. 

It has all the features of the Free and Nitro Basic plans with the addition of a few enhancements and various new qualities. 

If you pay in dollars, the monthly subscription to Nitro is $9.99 per person, and the annual is $99.99. But again, be aware that the price varies according to the currency you use

Nitro plan features are the following:

  • File uploads up to 500 MB, 
  • HD streaming (up to 4K and 60 fps), 
  • Longer messages (up to 4,000 characters), 
  • 2 free Boosts (+30% off extra Boosts), 
  • Animated profile theme, avatar, and banner, 
  • Custom server profiles, 
  • Join up to 200 servers, 
  • Earlier access to Clips, 
  • Personalized and custom sounds for every notification, 
  • Various colors for your Discord Theme, 
  • Exclusive items, and 
  • Shop member pricing.

As you can see, with the Discord Nitro plan, you can stream and personalize Discord according to your preferences. 

The main disadvantage of Discord Nitro is its price, since it may be too high for some. 

Is Discord the right solution for you?

Since Discord is one of the best team chat apps, it is a great option for informal or occasional audio chatting. 

So, yes, it is a great solution for gamers or companies that have a few employees and don’t hold big meetings or schedule regular audio calls. 

However, it is doubtful that Discord is a good choice for companies that require their members to be constantly active on the communication platform. 

Let’s imagine a company with 100 employees that uses Discord as its main communication channel

Everything is fine in the beginning as employees are satisfied with Discord’s easy-to-use features. 

However, after some time, employees might want to share files larger than 25 MB in their groups without compressing them or holding audio-visual presentations. 

What is the solution for the company? Of course, to subscribe to some of the premium plans. 

Now, since large file sharing and audio-visual presentations are only available in one Discord plan, the only option for the company is to purchase a Nitro plan for every employee. 

This means a company would have to pay $9,999 (if they pay in dollars) per year for all of their 100 employees to have access to Discord Nitro, which is quite a hefty price. 

Furthermore, even with the Nitro plan, the company still wouldn’t get features such as group video calls or an unlimited number of workspaces. 

Therefore, the company in question and all other medium or large-sized companies should look for a team communication app that’s a good Discord alternative —  like Pumble. 

What’s Discord's alternative, Pumble?

Pumble is a team communication app that helps organizations keep their conversations: 

  • Structured, 
  • Efficient, and 
  • Safe. 

Since Pumble is developed with the needs of professional teams in mind, its free plan has everything those teams might need: 

  • Communication channels, 
  • Threads, 
  • Direct messages, 
  • Files sharing of any size, 
  • File storage (up to 10GB), 
  • Voice and video messages, 
  • One-on-one voice and video meetings, 
  • Import from Slack, and 
  • High security

If you opt for some of the paid plans, you can count on everything mentioned above and the following: 

  • A larger file storage (Business and Enterprise plans), 
  • Screen sharing, 
  • Video conferencing, 
  • Group voice meetings, 
  • Meeting recording (Business and Enterprise plans), 
  • Guest access (Business and Enterprise plans), 
  • Permissions, and 
  • SSO and Data retention (Enterprise plan). 

Hence, bearing all these features in mind, Pumble would be the perfect alternative to Discord. 

How do Discord and Pumble compare? 

First of all, Pumble is a lot cheaper than Discord. 

In the example above, we saw that a company with 100 employees would have to pay $9,999 per year for 100 Nitro seats. 

On the other hand, Pumble paid plans cost $2.49, $3.99, or $6.99, depending on the plan (when billed annually). 

This means that a company with 100 employees that wants to pay annually for the most expensive Pumble paid plan — Pumble Enterprise — would pay $8,388 for the whole team. 

That is $1,611 less than what they would pay for Discord’s most expensive plan. 

Here are the detailed prices of Pumble plans. 

Pumble Plans
Free plan
Pumble Pro $2.99 per month per person $29.99 per year per person
Pumble Business $4.99 per month per person $47.88 per year per person
Pumble Enterprise $7.99 per month per person $83.88 per year per person

Secondly, even Pumble’s cheapest paid plan offers more features than Discord’s most expensive Nitro plan, as you can see below, in the comparison of Pumble PRO plan and Discord’s Nitro plan. 

Price $9.99 $2.49
Unlimited number of workspaces
Everything in one place
Unlimited messages history
Apps (mobile and desktop)
Channels, direct messages, and threads
Voice messages
Video conferencing
Comparison of Pumble PRO and Discord Nitro plan

So, if you, for example, pick the Pumble PRO plan instead of Discord’s Nitro plan, and purchase 100 seats, you would save an astronomical amount of $7,001 per year. 

Doesn’t sound bad, does it? 

Try Pumble instead of Discord 

Overall, all of the aforementioned features and prices of paid plans make Pumble the perfect alternative to Discord

First of all, you can easily organize your team communication into separate channels and avoid potential miscommunication in the workplace

If necessary, you can always continue conversations in threads or direct messages

Secondly, even in Pumble’s free plan, you can schedule 1-on-1 audio or video meetings

Furthermore, if you pick one of the paid plans, you can: 

  • Enjoy group video and audio conferences, 
  • Discuss important topics with your team, and even 
  • Share your screen with other participants.

Finally, as we said above, you can always share files of any size with other coworkers. 

If you’re looking for a reliable and comprehensive communication and collaboration app, try Pumble instead of Discord — create a free Pumble account today!

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