Zoom pricing and plans: Overview

When talking about Zoom’s core product, the video conferencing app, Zoom’s lowest pricing starts at $14.99 for the Pro plan, which includes:

  • Meetings for up to 100 participants,
  • 30-hour long meetings, and
  • 5 GB of cloud storage for recordings.

The prices go up for more advanced plans. In the table below, you can compare the essential features and prices of the five plans for Zoom One for business.

Basic Pro Business Business Plus Enterprise
Price Free
Licence count 1
Meeting length Up to 40 minutes
Up to 30 hours
Up to 30 hours
Up to 30 hours
Up to 30 hours
Meeting participants 100
Recording Local
Local & 5 GB cloud
Local & 5 GB cloud
Local & 10 GB cloud
Local & Unlimited cloud
Whiteboard Limited to 3
Limited to 3
Support Knowledge Base
Zoom Community
Basic + Web Tickets
Live chat
Phone support
Pro + Meet with an agent on video
Pro + Meet with an agent on video
Pro + Meet with an agent on video

It’s worth noting that the paid plans can be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis. If you choose to buy an annual plan, you can save up to 16%. The prices listed in the table above, and in the rest of the article, are per-user per-month prices, unless stated otherwise.

Is Zoom free?

Yes, Zoom has a free plan. However, there are limitations to what you can do with the free Basic plan. The Basic plan supports meetings of up to 100 people and up to 40 minutes, as well as:

  • Automated captions,
  • 3 editable whiteboards,
  • Team Chat,
  • Mail & Calendar,
  • Clips Basic, and
  • Notes.

It does not, however, include the following features:

  • AI Companion,
  • Zoom Scheduler,
  • In-meeting polls and quizzes,
  • Streaming,
  • Reporting,
  • Live support, or
  • Cloud storage for Team Chat.

So, if the free plan doesn’t cut it for you, let’s take a look at Zoom’s paid plans and their prices.

Zoom’s pricing explained: Plans & Pricing for Business

Zoom has different products based on which functionalities you need.

The first and most commonly used is Zoom One. It’s what you think of when you think of Zoom — so, video conferencing and everything that comes with it.

Here’s a detailed overview of the plans available in Zoom One.

Zoom One

Zoom One has 5 pricing plans:

  • Basic,
  • Pro,
  • Business,
  • Business Plus, and
  • Enterprise.
Zoom one pricing plans
Zoom One plans

All Zoom One plans, including Basic, support the essential features, such as:

  • Recording and screen sharing,
  • Team Chat,
  • Whiteboards and Notes,
  • Automated meeting captions,
  • Virtual backgrounds and filters, and
  • Waiting rooms.

The Pro plan is valued at $14.99 a month or $149.90 a year.

In the Pro plan, you can host meetings for up to 30 hours with up to 100 attendees. You also get 5 GB of cloud storage for recording your meetings.

The Pro plan includes Zoom’s premium apps for 1 year, which gives you access to apps that:

  • Take meeting notes,
  • Engage attendees with interactive activities, and
  • Deliver insights after meetings.

The Business plan costs $21.99 a month/$219.90 a year. It includes everything from the Pro plan with the addition of:

  • 300 attendees,
  • Unlimited Whiteboards,
  • Custom mail domain, and
  • Zoom Scheduler.

The Business Plus plan bumps up your storage to 10 GB and includes additional features such as translated captions and workspace reservation. You also get access to Zoom Phone. The price is custom to your organization and is negotiated with Zoom’s Sales team.

The Enterprise plan also has no public price. Along with the features mentioned above, the Enterprise plan offers meetings for up to 500 people and unlimited cloud recording storage.

Zoom Phone

If you’re looking for a VoIP service, Zoom Phone has a few different plans.

Zoom Phone pricing plans
Zoom Phone plans

All Zoom Phone plans include:

  • HD call quality,
  • 24/7 Live chat and support,
  • Domestic calling (US & CA, or selected country),
  • Metered international calling,
  • One Management Portal,
  • Domestic SMS and MMS, and
  • Multiple device use.

In any of the plans, you can elevate a call to a video conference with Zoom Meetings or transfer a call to a Zoom Meeting or Zoom Room.

The US & Canada Metered plan starts at $10.00 per month or $120 per year. For all outbound calls, you pay additional fees billed by the minute.

The US & Canada Unlimited plan starts at $15.00 per month or $180.00 per year. You also pay additional fees for international calls, but domestic calls are unlimited. In this plan, you can purchase an additional feature of unlimited calling to 19 countries.

The Global Select plan starts at $20.00 per month or $240.00 per year. It allows you to select your country from the 48 supported countries and territories. You get unlimited calling in the selected country and metered international calls. You can also purchase the add-on to make unlimited calls to 19 countries.

Zoom Events & Webinars

Zoom Events & Webinars are available as add-ons to your Zoom One paid plan

You need to have an equal number of Zoom One licenses purchased for each Zoom Events & Webinars license. In other words, if you want to purchase these add-ons, you need to either have an existing Zoom One paid plan, or buy one along with a Zoom Events & Webinars plan.

All Zoom Events & Webinars plans include, among other features:

  • Up to 30-hour events,
  • 100+ interactive video panelists,
  • Event registration,
  • Practice sessions,
  • Live polling and results, and
  • Event analytics and reporting.

The Zoom Webinars plan starts at $79.00 a month or $690 if billed annually. Zoom Webinars is available only for large webinar sessions of 500+ attendees.

Zoom Sessions start at $99.00 per month or $990 for a yearly subscription. You get access to features such as:

  • Event branding,
  • Multiple-host collaboration, and 
  • Event management.

Zoom Events is priced at $149.00 a month or a yearly subscription of $1490.00. It offers advanced registration and networking features, such as:

  • Expo and sponsors,
  • Session video previews, and
  • Multi-session events.

For Zoom Sessions and Events, you can only buy monthly licenses if your events have no more than 100 attendees. For any larger events, you need to buy a yearly license.

Furthermore, Zoom has recently introduced a Pay Per Attendee plan, which allows you to purchase Zoom Sessions or Events licenses for a specific number of attendees.

For example, a yearly Zoom Sessions license for 1000 attendees will cost you $6790.00, and a Zoom Events license for the same number of attendees goes for $9490.00. However, if you choose to pay per attendee, a Zoom Sessions Pay Per Attendee plan will come out to $1500.00 for an annual subscription, and a Zoom Events license will cost you $1850.00.

The catch is that the pay-per-attendee license limits the number of attendees on all of your events held within the year. For example, if you purchase a Zoom Events Annual license for 1,000 attendees, you can have one event with 1,000 attendees, or ten events with 100 attendees. If you go over the cumulative number of attendees, an additional fee of $2 per attendee will be charged. That way, you can pay for more seats only if you actually need them.

The pay per attendee plans are more beneficial if your events are rare or irregular and you don’t want to commit to a pricier plan when you’re unsure if you’ll really use it.

Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms is specifically designed as a conferencing system for businesses. Zoom Rooms supports up to 1,000 video participants or 10,000 webinar viewers.

Zoom Rooms plans and features
Zoom Rooms plans and features

All Zoom Rooms plans include:

  • Zoom Whiteboard Plus,
  • One tap to join meeting rooms,
  • One-click wireless proximity share,
  • Wireless multi-share, and
  • 720p HD video & audio.

If you want to try Zoom Rooms, you can start a 30-day free trial.

If you want to continue using Zoom Rooms, you have two options:

  • Zoom Rooms Licenses — $49.00 per month/$499.00 per year (for up to 49 licenses)
  • Zoom Rooms Enterprise — $49.00 per month/$499.00 per year (for up to 49 licenses, and custom for more licenses)

You can also purchase hardware for Zoom Rooms and other add-ons, such as Workspace Reservation and Conference Room Connector, at additional cost.

Zoom Contact Center

Zoom Contact Center is Zoom’s solution for customer communication. If your business needs to connect with customers frequently, Zoom Contact Center can serve as a platform to communicate via video, chat, phone, or SMS.

Zoom Contact Center features include:

  • Webchat, SMS, voice & video conferencing channels,
  • Video waiting rooms,
  • Routing profiles,
  • Native supervisor and agent experience,
  • Agent profile management, and
  • Built-in contact center analytics to measure productivity.

The price per license is $69.00 a month or $690.00 a year.

Zoom Whiteboard

In Zoom One Basic and Zoom One Pro plans, you get access to the basic version of Zoom Whiteboard, with a limit of 3 whiteboards and 25 MB of cloud storage.

If whiteboards are an essential tool for your meetings, you may consider upgrading to one of Zoom’s paid plans.

The Whiteboard plan can be added to Zoom One Basic or Pro plans and includes:

  • Unlimited number of concurrently editable whiteboards,
  • Standard features and advanced document control, and
  • 1 GB cloud storage capacity.

The price is $2.49 per month or $24.90 per year.

The Whiteboard Plus plan also offers an unlimited number of concurrently editable whiteboards, as well as unlimited cloud storage. It also comes with organizational and personal templates.

The price for the Plus plan is $7.00 a month or $70.00 per year.

Zoom’s Pricing Explained: Plans & Pricing for Education

Zoom also has a dedicated product for education. 

It includes 4 individual plans for smaller institutions and 2 bundle plans for medium and large schools.

The 4 individual plans are:

  • Zoom Meetings Education — $90.00 per year (annual subscription only); includes: 
    • HD video and audio, 
    • Up to 30 hours per meeting, 
    • 300 Attendees, 
    • Whiteboard Unlimited,
    • Team Chat, and
    • 1 GB Cloud Storage.
  • Zoom Phone — $15.00/month or $180.00 per year; includes: 
    • Emergency Call Routing, 
    • Domestic calling in 70+ countries and regions, 
    • Nomadic E911, 
    • Multiple Device Compatibility, and 
    • Seamless Integration.
  • Zoom Webinars — $340.00 per month or $3400.00 per year (Zoom Meetings Education Required); includes: 
    • Webcast, 
    • Polling & Quizzes, 
    • Reporting, and 
    • Branding.
  • Zoom Rooms — $49.00 per month or $490.00 per year; includes: 
    • Meeting controls, 
    • Intelligent Director, 
    • Whiteboard and Annotation, and 
    • Scheduling Display. 

For bigger schools, you can choose the bundle plans — The School and Campus plan and The School and Campus Plus plan — both of which have custom pricing, depending on the size of your organization.

Zoom for Education: Bundle plans
Zoom for Education: Bundle plans

The School and Campus plan includes:

  • Meetings up to 30 hours per meeting,
  • 300 attendees per meeting,
  • Whiteboard Unlimited,
  • Team Chat,
  • Mail & Calendar,
  • Cloud Storage 5 GB, and
  • Translated Captions.

The School and Campus Plus plan gives you more storage (10 GB), access to Zoom Phone, and workspace reservation.

Zoom’s Pricing Explained: Plans & Pricing for Healthcare

Healthcare institutions can also use Zoom. Zoom for Healthcare complies with HIPAA and ensures data protection and privacy for its users.

In the Pro plan, which is priced at $14.99 per month or $149.90 per year, you have access to:

  • Meetings of up to 30 hours with up to 100 participants,
  • Whiteboard Basic,
  • Team Chat,
  • Mail & Calendar,
  • 5 GB Storage, and
  • Essential Apps.

Their more advanced plans have a bigger attendance capacity, more storage, and additional features. The prices for the more advanced plans are custom and agreed upon with Zoom’s Sales team.

Zoom’s Pricing Explained: Plans & Pricing for Developers

Zoom also offers a product dedicated to developers. More specifically, Zoom allows developers to add live video to their apps. This is powered and supported by Zoom’s technology.

Zoom for developers has 2 plans.

Zoom’s Video SDK Pay As You Go includes 10,000 free minutes each month. When you use up the free minutes, the price is $0.0035 per minute thereafter. It’s important to note that minutes are determined by monthly meeting session minutes for each participant. For example, 4 users in a 15-minute call count and are billed as 60 minutes.

The Zoom SDK Universal Credit plan lets you buy credit: 

  • $100 a month for 100 credits or 
  • $450 a month for 500 credits. 

The credit can then be used for all of the features, so, for example, $100 or 100 credits for a Video SDK Session is worth 28,571 minutes.

Additional features are on a per-minute basis, as you can see in the image below.

Additional features for Developer plans
Additional features for Developer plans

Zoom’s Pricing Explained: Plans & Pricing for Personal Use

If you want to use Zoom for personal meetings, you have a few different options. Some of the plans mentioned for business use are not available for personal use, such as Zoom Phone and Zoom Contact Center. However, most of the same plans are also available at the same price. 

We’ll go over the Zoom One prices in more detail.

Zoom One

Zoom One for personal use has 3 plans:

  • Basic — Free,
  • Pro — $14.99 per month/$149.90 per year, and
  • Business — $21.99 per month/$219.90 per year.

Zoom for Personal offers the same functionality and features as Zoom for Business plans. The 3 plans mentioned above have the same features as the Zoom One for Business plans of the same name.

Zoom Events & Webinars, Zoom Rooms, and Zoom Whiteboard: Personal

Pricing and features in these categories are the same as in Plans & Pricing for Business. 

Is Zoom the right solution for you?

Well, it depends on your situation. We recommend you consider what you need from a video conferencing platform and how much you are willing to pay.

For example, if you are leading a marketing agency with 40 employees and you need a platform to hold meetings regularly and chat with your team, you may opt for one of the Zoom One plans. 

Considering that meetings can often go beyond 40 minutes and you may want to have access to some other features, you will need a paid plan. The Business plan is the cheapest option that can accommodate the number of people in your agency. 

The monthly payment for 40 users of the Business plan comes out to $879.60. The annual subscription would save you 16% and come out to $8,796.00.

This is an example to demonstrate how much a Zoom subscription could cost in a realistic situation. If this sounds like a lot of money (because it is), you should know that there are other options.

What is Zoom’s alternative, Pumble?

Pumble is a team communication app that consolidates all of your needs into one platform. It’s an all-in-one Zoom alternative that you can use to communicate with your team via:

  • Video conferencing,
  • Audio calls,
  • Video and audio messages,
  • Private and public chats, channels, and groups, and
  • Screen and file sharing.

Pumble offers a generous free plan that gives you access to full message history with unlimited users. You can chat in direct messages, channels, and threads, as well as share links and files.

In Pumble’s free plan, you can also:

  • Send voice and video messages,
  • Set up 1:1 meetings (voice and video),
  • Import from Slack,
  • Use 10 GB of storage per workspace, and
  • Export content.

If you need additional features, Pumble also offers 3 pricing plans that can meet different needs:

  • Pro — $2.99 if billed monthly or $2.49 per month if billed annually,
  • Business — $4.99 if billed monthly or $3.99 per month if billed annually, and
  • Enterprise — $7.99 if billed monthly or $6.99 per month if billed annually.
Pumble's pricing
Pumble's pricing

Pumble is also always evolving — integrations with other apps are currently awaiting launch. The Business plan will include unlimited integrations.

One of the newly released Pumble features lets you invite external guests to meetings. You can invite people from outside of your organization to meet with you on Pumble, even if they don’t have an account. 

💡 Pumble Pro Tip

If you want to delve deeper into the topic of the best alternatives for Zoom, we have a list of 10 best Zoom alternatives. Check it out by following the link below:

Top 10 Zoom Alternatives in 2024 — Better Video Conferencing Software

How do Zoom and Pumble compare?

Let’s take a look at the example we talked about before, and compare it with Pumble.

In the case of the marketing agency using Zoom’s Business Plan, they had to pay $879.60 a month or $8796.0 per year. 

If they switched over to Pumble and purchased the Business plan, the math would go something like this — the monthly payment for 40 users of the Pumble Business plan would come out to $199.6. If you opted for a yearly subscription plan, the rate would be $1,915.2.

That is a 77% decrease in price.

In Pumble’s Business plan, you get all of the features we mentioned for the free plan, plus:

Pumble’s support team will also always be available for your needs as a priority customer.

Therefore, with all of the features that Pumble offers along with a 77% price drop, the math is simple.

Zoom’s Alternative: Give Pumble a try

With Zoom’s confusing and, arguably, pricey plans, you may find yourself looking for an alternative way to communicate with your team.

Pumble offers you an all-in-one tool for business communication and collaboration, with reasonable prices for their paid plans, and a generous free plan if you’re just starting out.

So, if you’re in the market for a reliable and accessible team communication app, try out Pumble! Sign up for free today and experience the benefits firsthand!

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