How Effective Communication Helps You Manage Your Growing Team

As your startup begins to find its footing and the initial thrill of launching your business transforms into a measured rhythm of daily operations, you may start to notice some communication issues, particularly when your team is growing fast.

In this post, we’ll explore how enhancing your communication strategies can help manage growth and create a cohesive, productive, and motivated team.

From startup to scaleup

Build a strong foundation with clear communication channels

In the early stages of a startup, internal communication is often informal and organic. With a small team, it’s easy to share information and updates on the fly. 

However, as your company grows, this approach can lead to chaos and confusion. 

Establishing clear communication channels, especially if you’re a remote leader, is crucial for maintaining order and efficiency.

One of the first steps to improving communication in a growing company is to centralize information.

For example, if you use email for written communication, a shared drive for sharing files, instant messaging apps for informal conversations, and a different platform for video or audio calls, it can very quickly become overwhelming and confusing.

A centralized platform where all relevant communication happens and where data, documents, and updates are accessible helps you keep everyone on the same page.

Having a centralized communication platform, such as the team communication app Pumble, also reduces time spent searching for needed information and minimizes the risk of miscommunication.

Pumble as an email alternative
Pumble as an email alternative

Furthermore, as your team expands, the sheer volume of communication increases.

To manage information effectively, you can use channels and groups to keep your discussion focused and relevant by dividing conversations into specific:

  • Projects, 
  • Departments, or 
  • Topics. 
Channels and threads in Pumble
Channels and threads in Pumble

Finally, threaded conversations within channels are perfect for when you want to further streamline communication by keeping related messages together, making it easier to follow and participate in discussions.

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Enhance collaboration with virtual meetings

While written communication is essential, you’ve undoubtedly been in many situations where it simply wasn’t enough to convey more complex ideas or keep up with your stream of consciousness. 

Also, if you want your team to build strong connections, written communication isn’t the best option.

Making video calls part of regular communication in your growing company can improve how your team collaborates and connects.

Video calls provide a more personal connection compared to text-based communication. They allow team members to pick up on non-verbal cues and foster stronger relationships. 

This is especially important for remote teams, where the lack of in-person interaction can lead to feelings of isolation and disconnection. Regular video meetings help bridge this gap, ensuring that everyone feels included and valued.

Video calls in Pumble
Video calls in Pumble

Video calls are also an important part of remote onboarding of new employees, as they provide a more personal way for newcomers to adapt to your company culture.

Furthermore, some discussions require immediate feedback and dynamic problem-solving, which can be challenging to achieve through written communication. 

Video calls enable real-time interaction, allowing teams to: 

  • Brainstorm ideas, 
  • Discuss strategies, and 
  • Resolve issues more efficiently. 

This accelerates decision-making processes and keeps projects moving forward.

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Cultivate a positive company culture through transparent communication

A growing business needs to create and maintain a strong company culture. This is what brings new talent in and also what retains existing employees.

A positive company culture relies on:

  • Transparency, 
  • Trust, and 
  • Engagement.

As your company grows, open dialogue between leadership and employees helps maintain transparency and trust. 

Regular communication through meetings or encouragement to send direct messages whenever needed provides opportunities for employees to:

  • Voice their concerns, 
  • Ask questions,
  • Offer suggestions, or simply
  • Chat and bond with team members.

Furthermore, you need to implement regular feedback mechanisms, such as one-on-one meetings and performance reviews to allow employees to track their progress and professional development.

One-on-one feedback session in Pumble
One-on-one feedback session in Pumble

Regular feedback sessions also demonstrate that you are invested in the growth and well-being of your employees.

Finally, you need to start recognizing and celebrating achievements, both big and small, as it is essential for maintaining a positive company culture

You can do this by publicly acknowledging the hard work and contributions of team members — this reinforces the positive company culture and encourages continued dedication and effort.

Sharing news and encouragement in Pumble channels
Sharing news and encouragement in Pumble channels

Regular updates and announcements of good news through your communication channels can help keep the growing team engaged and connected.

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Pumble: The perfect communication platform for a growing company

As your business develops and teams grow, effective and transparent communication needs to stay a priority.

Centralizing your business communication can help you achieve and maintain clear communication and a positive company culture that attracts and retains employees.

Enter Pumble — an all-in-one team communication tool designed to support your company’s growth.

Pumble offers a range of features, including organized channels, threaded discussions, seamless video and audio calls, and much more.

With Pumble, you can centralize your communication and manage growth on the path to a connected, engaged, and productive team.

So, try Pumble today and experience the difference that effective communication can make in your team!

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Milica  Vucicevic

Milica Vucicevic is a communication author and researcher at Pumble, focused on team communication in remote work environments. Through her posts, you’ll learn more about professional communication, workplace culture, and tools and techniques for better team communication.

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