OCT 26, 2023

Send in-call messages

Send messages, documents or links during a video meeting to the other video meeting participants.

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Send messages inside call
Pumble custom emojis

SEP 14, 2023

Custom emojis

Add a custom emoji to Pumble and make your workplace much more fun.

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AUG 18, 2023

Google Calendar Add-on

Create, manage, and share Pumble meet and calendar details right from the Google Calendar.

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Create Pumble meet from Calendar
Pumble blur backgorund

JULY 25, 2023

Blur background and raise hand

Take a video call in a coffee shop, hide a cluttered dorm room, or just keep things professional. Raise hand to let the moderator and other participants know you want to speak next.

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MAY 19, 2023

Meeting links

Create Meeting links to start calls and connect with anyone in your workspace.

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Pumble News
Pumble News

MAY 8, 2023

Schedule a message

Compose and schedule a message to be sent in a Pumble channel you choose at a later date.

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APR 13, 2023

Video messages

Send a message more quickly by recording a video instead of typing.

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Pumble News
Pumble News

MAR 19, 2023

Import from Slack

Easily migrate your team's members, channels, and messages.

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JAN 19, 2023

Mention & Rections feed

View all messages where someone has mentioned you, or added emoji to your message.

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Pumble News
Pumble News

DEC 23, 2022

Video conferencing

Start a video meeting with teammates and connect with anyone in your workspace.

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NOV 18, 2022

Record and send voice messages

Use Pumble to easily record and share messages for playback with the entire team. Your voice messages will always be one click away from you and your colleagues.

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Pumble News

Other news

• UI improvements for workspace and user profile dropdown

• Improved workspace permissions, initial application and message history loading

Currently in progress

Send In-call messages

In-call messages

Send messages during a video meeting to the other video meeting participants.

Pumble Integrations

Pumble integrations

Get more value from your existing apps with Pumble integrations.

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Remind yourself about messages

Remind yourself about important tasks – especially those that require team members to submit information.

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Invitation links

Invite others to your workspace by sharing a special link with them.

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One-on-one video and voice calls

Connect with anyone in Pumble via video and voice calls.

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Screen sharing

Meetings are meant for sharing ideas, so make sure yours are seen.

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Workspace permissions

Manage what users can do, their default channels, channel posting permissions on web and desktop, and deactivate access.

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Organize your sidebar

Create dedicated spaces for brainstorming, action items, or even show-and-tell.

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Link preview

When you share a link, you'll see a preview of the content below your message.

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Share messages through workspace

Forward a message from colleagues in public channels to another conversation.

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User groups

Group of members in a workspace who often need to be notified at once.

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Guest access

Work with people that have limited access to your workspace.

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