28 Internal Communication Message Templates and Worksheets

Many studies have shown that poor workplace communication is detrimental to employee productivity and progress. It also affects your entire organization by increasing task and project completion time and affecting client satisfaction. 

While a good internal communication plan can help you stay on top of things, employing a more detailed approach to internal communication can’t hurt. 

This assumes having some internal communication templates and worksheets that will speed up the process of sharing relevant information within the company, such as: 

In this guide, we’ll list the most important internal communication templates and worksheets.

We’ll briefly explain each template’s importance, form, and use. We’ll go on to clarify who can make use of these templates and worksheets and when. 

Finally, you’ll be able to download each template and worksheet for free and use it to boost your internal communication strategy. 

Internal communication message templates and worksheets

Why use internal communication templates?

The importance of having these internal communication templates and worksheets at one’s disposal is reflected in the following benefits: 

Better employee engagement 

The majority of employees will find it easier and less stressful to engage with their coworkers if they have a template that can be quickly modified and sent out to address a certain issue or situation. Sometimes, inter-team communication can have people tongue-tied, and a template can go a long way to help overcome awkward conversation starters.

Effective communication 

Having a set of internal communication templates to choose from will allow employees to get their message across effectively and quickly. They can pick the template based on what they want to share and simply fill in the relevant information. 

Greater transparency 

Using templates for sharing information within an organization can help foster transparency among employees and keep everyone in the loop. 

Greater availability 

In essence, internal communication templates should be short and compact, making them easier to access or download from all devices, including desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc. Most modern templates come in the form of messages that can simply be sent out as emails or direct messages in a business messaging app, such as Pumble

Better flexibility 

The great thing about internal communication templates is that anyone can tweak them to meet the needs of non-traditional workplaces — the remote, hybrid, and distributed ones. For example, employers and managers can choose to express their appreciation or praise their employees by sending them a message via Pumble.

Praising an employee for their hard work and contribution  in Pumble, a business messaging app
Praising an employee for their hard work and contribution in Pumble, a business messaging app

Now that we’ve understood the importance of internal communication templates, let’s move on to closely describe them and explain what they serve for. 

👔 Company-oriented Templates and Worksheets

Company-oriented templates will help in situations when important company-related information has to be communicated to the employees or sometimes even third parties. This category of templates requires the use of formal, simple, and direct language, to avoid any misunderstandings with the employees. 

The internal communication templates and worksheets found in this group will include the following:

  • Leadership Message Template, 
  • Company Mission Statement Worksheet + Company Mission Template with Examples, 
  • Company Vision Statement Worksheet + Company Vision Template with Examples,
  • Organizational Change Update Template,
  • New Company Policy Template, and
  • Company Policy Update Template. 

Leadership Message Template

Practicing effective leadership communication is the basis of all successful businesses. Thanks to the spread of collaborative leadership practices, leadership communication has become more transparent and inclusive. To support this, a leadership message template should be crafted in the same way.  

🔸 What is the Leadership Message Template about?

A leadership communication template usually contains important company information that only the team lead or the CEO is expected to disclose. While the information can vary, it will usually include various announcements, notices, or statements related to the pivotal company operations and business endeavors — be they positive or negative.

🔸 For what and who is the Leadership Message Template best?

A leadership communication template will provide executive directors, CEOs, and organization presidents with a tool for effectively communicating important information to the people they are in charge of.

Leadership Message Template

⏬ Download: Leadership Message Templates

Company Mission Statement Worksheet + Company Mission Statement Template with Examples

Behind every successful company is a workforce that understands its unique mission and aligns with it. In essence, a company mission statement should be public and state where the company is currently at. With this company mission statement worksheet, it will be easier to craft a mission statement unique to your company. 

🔸 What is the Company Mission Statement Worksheet about?

A well-crafted company mission statement worksheet will provide a list of steps to take, recommendations on how to take those steps, and enough room for potential answers in the process of coming up with a mission statement. 

Company Mission Statement Worksheet

⏬ Download: Company Mission Statement Worksheet

When the time comes to create a mission statement, company leaders should answer three essential questions — what the company does, how the company does what it does, and why the company does what it does.

Most mission statements are concise, rarely going beyond three-sentence or 100-word length. They represent the credible, attainable, and explicit objectives of any company. 

🔸 For what and who is the Company Mission Statement Worksheet best?

Company leaders should use this worksheet to help them define some of the particularities unique to their company:

  • Company culture, 
  • Values they want to enforce 
  • Ethics, 
  • Fundamental goals they strive for, and
  • Agenda for achieving goals. 

In an ideal situation, the worksheet will be used in the initial stages of setting up a business, facilitating the company’s next steps, strategies, and practices. For an easy start, you will get access to our Company Mission Statement Template with Examples to help you better understand what a mission statement should be like. 

Company Mission Statement Template

⏬ Download: Company Mission Statement Template with Examples

🔸 Examples of mission statements 

Some of the world-known mission statements include:

  • Patagonia: “Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.”
  • Amazon: “We strive to offer our customers the lowest possible prices, the best available selection, and the utmost convenience.”
  • LinkedIn: “To connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.”
  • TED: “Spread ideas.”
  • Whole Foods: “Whole Foods Market is a dynamic leader in the quality food business. We are a mission-driven company that aims to set the standards of excellence for food retailers. We are building a business in which high standards permeate all aspects of our company. Quality is a state of mind at Whole Foods Market.”

Company Vision Statement Worksheet + Company Vision Statement Template with Examples

Unlike a mission statement which is focused on the present, a company’s vision statement is centered around a company’s plans for the future. The two don’t, and usually aren’t, the same. While many often confuse them, they’re two sides of the same coin — the company shouldn’t function without them. 

🔸 What is the Company Vision Statement Worksheet about?

Innovative and aspirational in nature, a clear vision statement gives the company direction and shows its plans for the future. To plan the next steps, a company vision statement worksheet can help employees and middle management understand what to do. 

Fundamentally, a vision statement worksheet contains important questions that will make a company leader realize what the company wants to become: 

  • What are the company’s hopes and dreams?, 
  • What problems is the company trying to solve for the greater good?, and 
  • Who and what is the company inspiring to change?

Once again, when crafting your vision statement, don’t go beyond a one-paragraph length. Focus on promoting growth and what matters the most to the company.

Company Vision Statement Worksheet

⏬ Download: Company Vision Statement Worksheet 

🔸 For what and who is the Company Vision Statement Worksheet best?

Ideally, this worksheet should be used as a basis for creating a unique vision statement for the company. If mission and vision aren’t clearly stated, or communicated to the employees, they can end up feeling like their efforts are pointless, and the only reason for working day in and day out is to receive a paycheck. Their greater purpose in the company is non-existent. Company leaders should rely on a vision statement worksheet in the initial stages of crafting their vision statements and finding a purpose for their organization.

Company Vision Template

⏬ Download: Company Vision Statement Template with Examples

🔸 Examples of vision statements 

Some of the most famous vision statements are:

  •  Patagonia:A love of wild and beautiful places demands participation in the fight to save them, and to help reverse the steep decline in the overall environmental health of our planet.
  • Amazon: “To be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices.”
  • LinkedIn: “To create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce.”
  • TED: “We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives, and, ultimately, the world.”
  • Whole Foods: “Whole foods, Whole People, Whole Planet.”

Organizational Change Update Template

When it comes to communicating change to the entire organization the focus should be on clarity and speediness — no one likes to hear the bad or good news last. In most organizations, a lot of what happens on the inside will depend on how the organization handles delivering important organizational changes to its people. 

🔸 What is the Organizational Change Update Template about?

To deliver the news about structural changes, aim for transparency and clarity. Don’t miss out on important details and give thorough explanations while staying concise:

  • Identify the person who is coming, leaving, or changing positions, 
  • Give a short introduction about the person, 
  • List the reasons for the person coming/leaving/changing positions in the organization, and 
  • Give further details if necessary.

🔸 For what and who is the Organizational Change Update Template best?

An organizational change update template is useful when a company has to create a document to notify its employees about important changes in its internal structure:

  • When new personnel is introduced, 
  • The current staff is being moved to a senior position, and 
  • When someone is leaving the company altogether.
Organizational Change Update Template

⏬ Download: Organizational Change Update Template with Examples

New Company Policy Template

Every organization relies on internal policies and procedures to have everything run smoothly. To ensure success, these policies and procedures have to be understandable to all employees, clearly defined, and always up to date. 

🔸 What is the New Company Policy Template about? 

A new company policy template should be clear and packed with relevant information about the policy the organization has chosen to introduce. This should include:

  • Policy name and purpose, 
  • Policy effective date, 
  • The reason for introducing the policy, 
  • Specific details about the policy, and 
  • A link to the complete text of the policy. 

To have everyone on board, it’s important that the policy announcement is carried out before the introduction itself and that the language is as clear as possible. It is vital to give people time to read and inform themselves, so they can potentially ask questions or express concerns.

🔸 For what and who is the New Company Policy Template best?

This template is designed for upper management or anyone in charge of announcing the introduction of a new company policy or procedure. 

New Company Policy Template

⏬ Download: New Company Policy Template

Company Policy Update Template 

Just like when introducing a new company policy, a company policy update also requires a special approach and attention. Employees should be notified in due time and given enough information to be able to adapt to changes in company policies and procedures.

🔸 What is the Company Policy Update Template about?

All changes to a company policy should be communicated clearly to all employees. A good company policy update template should contain the following information: 

  • The name of the policy you are changing, 
  • Policy changes effective date,
  • The reason for introducing changes to the policy,
  • Specific details about the policy changes, and
  • A link to the complete text of the updated policy. 

🔸 For what and who is the Company Policy Update Template best?

This type of template can help higher management deliver news about important changes to company policies and procedures effectively and quickly.

Company Policy Update Template

⏬ Download: Company Policy Update Template

🏢 Workplace-directed Templates

Workplace-directed templates are the ones that explain the way things should or shouldn’t be going on in the office or work environment. They are helpful in situations that require communicating information about workplace behavior, official language, and the use of communication tools. 

This group of templates includes:

  • Code of Conduct Policy Template, 
  • Communication Tools Policy Template,  
  • Official Language Policy Template, and 
  • Meeting Conduct Policy Template.  

Code of Conduct Policy Template

 Avoiding conflict at work will mostly depend on the general rules of behavior in the company. Even if your company is working according to a remote, hybrid, or distributed work model, there should be common ground on the dos and don’ts of appropriate workplace conduct. 

🔸 What is the Code of Conduct Policy Template about?

Acceptable and unacceptable workplace behavior should be clearly defined and communicated to all employees in a formal company document also known as a policy. To help craft a strong code of conduct policy, this template will show in which direction to go. This type of document should contain the following information: 

  • Policy brief and purpose, 
  • Policy scope, 
  • Compliance with law,
  • Respect in the workplace,
  • Protection of company property, 
  • Dress code and personal appearance,
  • Job responsibility and authority,
  • Working hours and breaks,
  • Collaboration, 
  • Communication, and 
  • Use of IT technology. 

🔸 For what and who is the Code of Conduct Policy Template best?

The code of conduct policy template will come in handy when a new company is starting its business or when an already existing one wants to change its code of conduct policy. It would be a wise move that managers and team leads come up with rules specific to the organization and avoid aligning with popular approaches to this type of policy. 

Code of conduct Policy Template

⏬ Download: Code of Conduct Policy Template

Communication Tools Policy Template

Picking the best team communication tools can be a long process, yet once it’s done, it will significantly speed up the way the company does its business. Being clear about what communication apps should be used for establishing effective communication within a business will ensure better employee performance and save time that would otherwise be spent on mundane tasks. 

🔸 What is the Communication Tools Policy Template about?

In a traditional office setting, communication tools don’t play a significant role as the employees spend the working hours together, in an office. However, a remote-first, hybrid, or even a distributed workplace arrangement will rely heavily on modern communication technology to get things done. 

This kind of template should contain the following information: 

  • Policy brief and purpose,
  • Internal communication regulations,
  • The list of communication tools the company uses, and
  • An explanation of the problem reporting procedure. 

Thanks to this template, it will be easier to list the necessary communication tools for your business to work effectively and productively. 

🔸 For what and who is the Communication Tools Template best?

A communication tools policy template can be a helpful starting point for team leaders and managers when creating an internal communication strategy and discussing any changes in the use of communication tools. 

Communication Tools Policy Template

⏬ Download: Communication Tools Policy Template

Official Language Policy Template 

Handling a cross-cultural workplace demands a careful approach, particularly if employees speak different languages and work from different time zones. Having a clear language policy can help minimize communication breakdown and overcome common communication challenges.  

🔸 What is the Official Language Policy Template about?

To make it easier to communicate within the organization, an official language policy should cover the following details:

  • Policy brief and purpose,
  • The general guidelines on the use of language at work,
  • The guidelines on internal and external communication, and  
  • Policy exceptions. 

🔸 For what and who is the Official Language Policy Template best?

Best for:

  • Multicultural workplaces,
  • Cross-generational companies and organizations, and
  • Remote, hybrid, and distributed organizational arrangements. 
Official language policy Template

⏬ Download: Official Language Policy Template

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To get a better understanding of how different work arrangements function, check out our blog posts: 

Meeting Conduct Policy Template 

Having regular meetings has proved essential for always being up-to-date on what’s going on in an organization or company. Besides regularity in communication, it’s also important to create a healthy balance between work communication and chit-chat — casual small talk shouldn’t be distracting people from doing their jobs.

🔸 What is the Meeting Conduct Policy Template about?

To be able to facilitate business meetings, a good meeting conduct policy template should cover the basic guidelines on how to conduct different types of meetings in the organization. These include:

  • Policy brief and purpose,
  • General meetings guidelines,
  • Daily meetings guidelines,
  • Weekly meeting guidelines,
  • Monthly meetings guidelines,
  • Meeting cancelation procedure, and 
  • Language use guidelines. 

🔸 For what and who is the Meeting Conduct Policy Template best?

A great option for executives, managers, and team leaders who want to establish common ground on how to conduct meetings within an organization or a company, improve communication among their employees, and create a tight-knit community.

Meeting Conduct Policy Template

⏬ Download: Meeting Conduct Policy Template

ℹ️ Information-sharing Message Templates

A special group of templates can be used in companies when there is critical information to share or an important message to communicate to employees. With these types of templates, it’s essential to get straight to the point and ensure clarity for a quicker response, and reducing the chances of miscommunication. In this category, you’ll find the following templates: 

  • Emergency Message Template,
  • Cybersecurity Message Template,
  • IT Message Template,
  • Newsletter Template, and
  • Safety Reminder Template.

Emergency Message Template

Company emergencies have to be dealt with quickly and effectively to ensure the safety of all employees and prevent possible disasters. This is why having a functional strategy for communicating crisis situations to employees about emergency threats is essential and can help save lives when necessary.

🔸 What is the Emergency Message Template about?

The essence of an emergency message template is to reduce the time spent on delivering crucial information to employees and providing them with steps to take in emergencies. An emergency message should be short, precise, and informative — something our free template can help achieve.   

Depending on the type of emergency, there can be five different types of emergency message templates. These include:

  • Natural disaster emergency message template,
  • Technological emergency message template,
  • Man-made emergency message template,
  • Workplace harassment emergency message template, and 
  • Malevolence emergency message template.

⚠️ Important note: Considering that every country has its own emergency regulations, companies should gather all information before crafting an emergency message to send out to employees.

🔸 For what and who is the Emergency Message Template best? 

When an emergency happens, executives, managers, and all other company employees can take this template to their advantage and use it as part of their internal communication strategy. Thanks to its form, this emergency message template can be adapted to various communication channels to ensure speedy delivery — email, IM, voice message, etc. 

Emergency Message Template

⏬ Download: Emergency Message Templates

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Cybersecurity Message Template

According to the most recent data, cybercrime is to cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. Knowing this is enough to make any company executive reconsider the cybersecurity practices in their organization and always be prepared to address a cybersecurity threat. 

🔸 What is the Cybersecurity Message Template about?

With proper data security practices, dealing with cybersecurity threats might never become an issue, yet it’s better to be prepared. A cybersecurity message template can help save valuable time and data in case of a threat. 

Similar to emergency messages, cybersecurity messages should also be on point and informative. Thanks to this type of template, it will be much easier to craft a cybersecurity message if and when necessary. 

🔸 For what and who is the Cybersecurity Message Template best? 

This template can be adapted easily and used in any modern-day business to inform employees about potential cybersecurity threats. All employees should be trained to recognize cybersecurity threats and be able to notify the rest of the company when they come across one.

Cybersecurity Message Template

⏬ Download: Cybersecurity Message Template

IT Messages Template

The role of an IT department is to keep all systems operational, help employees with hardware/software issues, and communicate all changes to the rest of the company. Considering that a big part of business relies on using modern electronic equipment and devices, having a special template to help deliver important IT messages quickly seems like a smart move. 

🔸 What is the IT Message Template about?

Depending on the type of work the IT department has to do, the message they would deliver could be focused on the following: 

  • A system outage,
  • Planned system maintenance, and
  • A system upgrade.

🔸 For what and who is the IT Message Template best?

These are handy in situations when the IT department has an urgent message to deliver to all employees, speeding up the process of communication and allowing the IT team to focus on fixing the issues. 

IT Message Template

⏬ Download: IT Message Templates

Newsletter Template

Newsletters are a great way to inform employees, customers, clients, and other stakeholders about an organization’s valuable information. They can provide direct access to a person’s inbox, allowing businesses to share engaging content, promote sales, and ultimately drive traffic to their website/s.

🔸 What is the Newsletter Template about?

Before making a newsletter, a company should do thorough research to find out what its audience might be interested in. A newsletter template structure can greatly depend on the type of information that a company wants to share, but the general newsletter skeleton should contain the following: 

  • Company logo or masthead,
  • A featured image and another eye-catching visual,
  • A captivating story (or a few of them) featured at the top,
  • Additional content and promotions,
  • Call to action,
  • Company’s social links, and 
  • Contact and subscription information.

🔸 For what and who is the Newsletter Template best?

Company executives and managers can make use of the newsletter template when they want to share some of the following information with their employees and other third-party associates, including: 

  • A job opening at the company, 
  • A new case study,
  • A product launch,
  • A blog round-up,
  • A membership/customer deal,
  • Various company promotions,
  • New best practices and tips,
  • Listicles (i.e. “10 Best Collaboration Tools for 2021” or any other industry-specific listicle),
  • The most important Industry news,
  • Recent survey results related to the company industry,
  • Internal employee news (i.e. anniversaries, promotions, birthdays, etc.),
  • A team spotlight with pictures and bios,
  • Photos or stories customers and clients have shared,
  • Interviews with company employees, clients, or customers, 
  • Company “behind-the-scenes” moments,
  • Monthly and yearly business recaps,
  • New training/education opportunities,
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) with answers, and
  • Information about upcoming webinars/workshops and recordings of past webinars/workshops.
Newsletter Template

⏬ Download: Newsletter Template  

Safety Reminder Message Template

The traditional office arrangement carries many risks. Yet, with the appearance of the Covid-19 pandemic, workplace and employee safety have become the primary focus of all employers. Being in charge, it’s an employer’s duty to inform everyone about the potential safety risks at the workplace and provide them with the necessary steps to ensure their safety. 

🔸 What is the Safety Reminder Message Template about?

A safety reminder template should be short and clear, focused on reminding employees what is expected of them to maintain safety at the workplace. Two types of messages can be distinguished here:

  • A PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) safety reminder, and 
  • A Covid-19 safety reminder. 

Thanks to their generic form, these templates can be adapted to the needs of any company and address any other workplace safety concern. 

🔸 For what and who is the Safety Reminder Message Template best? 

When in need to emphasize the importance of following safety protocols at work, employers, executives, and managers can rely on a safety reminder template to do this quickly and effectively. 

Safety Reminder Message Template

⏬ Download: Safety Reminder Message Templates

👥 Employee-oriented Templates and Worksheets

Employee-oriented templates are mostly concerned with delivering information that is closely related to the work of employees themselves. They should be straightforward and positive in nature, with a special emphasis on using encouraging language. 

In essence, these templates and worksheets will do a great job when there’s a need to show appreciation to employees, give or receive feedback, or simply announce a new employee. This group of templates and worksheets covers:

  • Employee Appreciation Message Template,
  • Employee Motivation Message Template,
  • New Employee Announcement Template,
  • Feedback Request Worksheet, and
  • Feedback Response Worksheet.

Employee Appreciation Message Template

Letting employees know their work and contribution is appreciated and valued will go a long way in boosting their morale and productivity — especially in situations where they have solved a problem, completed a complex task or project, or provided outstanding help to their colleagues. 

🔸 What is the Employee Appreciation Message Template about?

This template is a great communication tool to ensure that employers, managers, and executives practice clarity and transparency when attempting to praise an employee. The template is focused on the following:  

  • Addressing the employee by name and last name,
  • Being specific about what you want to praise the employee for, and 
  • Using clear and concise language. 

🔸 For what and who is the Employee Appreciation Message Template best?

This template is handy in situations when an employer, manager, or team leader wants to craft a unique message to express appreciation to an employee:  

  • Appreciating an employee’s hard work and dedication, 
  • Praising an employee for a successfully completed task/project,
  • Letting them know their help is appreciated,
  • Recognizing their activity and engagement in the organization,
  • Thanking them for covering a colleague’s leave,
  • Acknowledging continued service and loyalty, and
  • Boosting morale after another work year together.
Employee Appreciation Message Template

⏬ Download: Employee Appreciation Message Templates

Employee Motivation Message Template

It’s normal for employees to hit a bump in the road from time to time. When that happens, it’s the employer’s or manager’s job to inspire and motivate them to keep moving forward until they complete their task successfully.

🔸 What is the Employee Motivation Message Template about?

Encouraging employees when they are evidently having trouble completing a task or project can prove beneficial for the entire organization. This template differs from an employee appreciation message — it asks them to keep up with their hard work while providing detailed instructions for a task or project completion and motivating them to continue doing their best. 

An employee motivation message template can come in the following form:

  • Addressing the employee by name,
  • Mentioning the specific task/project the employee needs encouragement for,
  • Recognizing all hard work up to that point,
  • Giving a detailed explanation of what should be done next, and
  • Closing on a positive note. 

🔸 For what and who is the Employee Motivation Message Template best? 

Designed for executives, managers, and team leaders who want to motivate their employees during a particularly busy time or a challenging company project. The templates can be addressed to individual employees or entire teams, depending on the needs of the situation.

Employee Motivation Message Template

⏬ Download: Employee Motivation Message Templates 

New Employee Announcement Message Template

When a company recruits a new employee, it’s wise to communicate the news to all employees to maintain transparency. Besides welcoming the new employee or employees, the company leader is expected to also provide everyone with relevant information about their new colleague. 

🔸 What is the New Employee Announcement Message Template about?

Making sure that everyone is aware of their colleagues and their specific role in the company is a must. This template is great for supporting internal communication and avoiding misunderstandings in the workplace. People will also become aware of the company’s expansion tempo, and stay in the loop on the growth of individual departments. Making use of this template can help managers and team leads introduce new employees easily and effectively. 

The template covers the following information:

  • Announcement of the new employee,
  • The role the person will play in the company and the date they start working, 
  • General information about the new employee (name, last name, and background), and  
  • A virtual welcome to the employee. 

🔸 For what and who is the New Employee Announcement Message Template best?

A great option for upper management and team leads to facilitate introducing a new hire to the rest of the company. 

New Employee Announcement Message Template

⏬ Download: New Employee Announcement Message Template 

Feedback Request Worksheet with Examples 

Effective two-way communication in the workplace isn’t enough to ensure harmony and business success. Moreover, requesting constructive feedback plays an integral part in any healthy work environment and should be used whenever the situation requires it. 

🔸 What is the Feedback Request Worksheet about?

Considering that feedback should be positive and constructive in nature, the worksheet provides insight to managers and employees on how to thoroughly prepare for the feedback session and how to deliver it positively. Besides offering instructions on how to get ready for giving feedback to a person, the template also outlines five crucial steps to consider in this process. 

🔸 For what and who is the Feedback Request Worksheet best?

With the importance of feedback in mind, giving feedback isn’t a privilege reserved only for the higher management or CEOs. This worksheet can be tweaked and used by any business professional, depending on the needs of the situation or a problem. Moreover, there are three different feedback examples as well to help with formulating a feedback message:

  • Giving feedback to an employee,
  • Giving feedback to the boss, and
  • Giving feedback to a coworker.
Feedback Request Worksheet

⏬ Download: Feedback Request Worksheet with Examples

Feedback Response Worksheet with Examples

While giving feedback remains an important part of effective business communication, knowing how to properly respond to constructive feedback is a practice worth considering as well. 

🔸 What is the Feedback Response Worksheet about?

Thanks to the feedback response worksheet, any employee, employer, and team member will know the dos and don’ts of responding to feedback. The worksheet outlines two important aspects of receiving feedback — the preparation for the feedback session and five steps to follow during the process. 

🔸 For what and who is the Feedback Response Worksheet best?

Receiving feedback with grace doesn’t have to be so hard if you know what aspects to focus on and what to do or say in specific situations. With the feedback response worksheet, any business individual could learn to accept feedback and make the best out of it.

The worksheet contains three different feedback examples: 

  • Receiving feedback from the boss,
  • Receiving feedback from an employee, and
  • Receiving feedback from a coworker. 
Feedback Response Worksheet

⏬ Download: Feedback Response Worksheet with Examples 

📆 Activity-oriented Templates

Last but not the least, activity-oriented templates are designed to facilitate communicating information about important activities and events organized within the company. These templates don’t have to be as formal as the others, but they still require the use of clear and direct language. In this category, there are:

  • Holiday Greetings Message Template, 
  • Out of the Office Message Template, 
  • Company Event Message Template,
  • Company Training Message Template,
  • Team Building Activity Message Template, and
  • Team Bonding Event Message Template.

Holiday Greetings Message Template 

The holiday season is a great time to show gratitude and appreciation to employees. With that in mind, having a holiday greeting template ready seems like a smart move, especially for companies with non-conventional work arrangements or the ones with many employees.

🔸 What is the Holiday Greeting Message Template about?

Showing employees you appreciate them during the holiday season is a great way to increase their engagement, help them achieve better results, and increase their overall work satisfaction. Consider some of the following options: 

  • Holiday messages to employees,
  • Holiday messages to the boss, and
  • Holiday messages to coworkers.

🔸 For what and who is the Holiday Greeting Message Template best?

The template is suitable for all business professionals and can be adapted to the needs of any company employee, regardless of their role or rank in the company. 

Holiday Greetings Message Template

⏬ Download: Holiday Greetings Message Templates

Out of the Office Message Template

To support a better work-life balance and maintain productivity, companies should encourage all employees to set up their out of the office email replies before going on vacation, taking a day off, or being absent from work because of other reasons. 

🔸 What is the Out of the Office Message Template about?

Generally, this type of message template is used for creating an automated message or email reply to notify others about being absent from work — vacations, holidays, or days off. In most cases, the template contains the following information: 

  • The reason behind your absence (vacation, illness, maternity leave, etc.),
  • The information about how long you will be gone,
  • The date of your expected return, and
  • The person to contact in case of an emergency or for immediate help.

Based on the reason behind your being out of the office, you can choose some of the following message types:

  1. General, 
  2. Internal, 
  3. Vacation,
  4. Maternity/paternity leave, 
  5. Medical leave,
  6. Conference,
  7. Out of reach,
  8. Holiday,
  9. Content promotion, 
  10. Call to action, 
  11. Social media, or
  12. Contact sharing.

🔸 For what and who is the Out of the Office Message Template best?

All business professionals should have an out-of-the-office template ready for use. The great thing is that they can set up this automated response through an email provider.

Out of the Office Message Template

⏬ Download: Out of the Office Message Templates

Company Event Message Template 

Company events are an integral part of a healthy and thriving work environment — they help build stronger relationships among employees, increase their sense of belonging, and foster community spirit. 

🔸 What is the Company Event Message Template about?

These announcements should contain all the relevant details about the event in question, starting from the nature of the event, date, time, and location. Plus, it’s wise to invite people to RSVP to know what number of guests you will have to account for. Finally, provide additional detail (dress code, tickets, instructions, etc.) and a person to contact for further information or help. 

Depending on the type of event, there can be a few options:

  1. Corporate party invitation,
  2. Conference invitation,
  3. Workshop invitation,
  4. Webinar invitation,
  5. Charity event invitation,
  6. Sports event invitation,
  7. Meet and greet invitation, and
  8. Trade show event invitation.

🔸 For what and who is the Company Event Message Template best?

Company event organizers (usually HR) and hosts should make use of the template to increase the number of attendees and draw more attention to the event in question. Notifying company staff about upcoming company events should be a breeze with this template! 

Company Event Message Template

⏬ Download: Company Event Message Templates

Company Training Message Template

Most successful organizations realize the importance of providing employees with great training and development opportunities — they are essential for making progress and building an invaluable workforce. 

🔸 What is the Company Training Message Template about?

Coming up with a great company training announcement message includes covering the following information: 

  • The name of the training or course,
  • Dates, times, and other important deadlines,
  • Mandatory or optional attendance,
  • Details on the organization (e.g., face-to-face or online),
  • General instructions on applying for, accessing, and completing the training or course, and 
  • Information about preparation, if necessary/required.

🔸 For what and who is the Company Training Message Template best?

The template is a suitable solution for any business professional who wants to announce a training or course to individual employees and coworkers, or entire teams. 

Company Training Message Template

⏬ Download: Company Training Message Templates 

Team Building Activity Message Template

Lack of communication among employees and decreased productivity can be devastating for the success of any company. This is where team-building activities come in handy — they can help improve overall communication and employee performance.  

🔸 What is the Team Building Activity Message Template about?

The focus of a team-building activity should be on boosting productivity and helping employees improve their performance. This is why a message template announcing this type should contain the following information: 

  • The host of the event/activity,
  • The location, date, and time of the event/activity,
  • A more detailed description of the event/activity,
  • An invitation to RSVP to the event/activity, and
  • A person to contact for further information.

🔸 For what and who is the Team Building Activity Message Template best?

The template can be used by any executive, manager, or other employees from the HR department who is in charge of organizing a team-building activity. It can easily be adapted and filled in with relevant information about the activity in question. 

Team Building Template

⏬ Download: Team Building Activity Message Template

Team Bonding Event Message Template

Organizing team bonding activities from time to time can be a great mood booster, support better communication among employees, and strengthen relationships — even in remote, distributed, and hybrid work settings. Unlike team building, team bonding aims to foster stronger relationships among team members and improve their soft skills. 

🔸 What is the Team Bonding Event Message Template about?

The focus of team bonding events should be on promoting better relationships among employees and on improving their soft skills. In an ideal situation, a message template announcing a team bonding event should cover the following information: 

  • The event organizer,
  • The location, date, and time of the event, 
  • A more detailed event description/schedule,
  • An invitation to RSVP to the event, and
  • A person to contact for further information.

🔸 For what and who is the Team Bonding Event Message Template best?

This template is a great option for company personnel in charge of organizing a team bonding event — usually, it’s someone from the HR department. The good thing is that the template is so straightforward and adaptable that anyone could use it to share important information about the team bonding event. 

Team Bonding Template

⏬ Download: Team Bonding Event Message Template 

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