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Getting Started with Pumble


You’ve finally removed long email chains and discovered an app for your team communication and collaboration that suits all your needs.

Welcome to Pumble!

This guide walks you through everything you need to know on how to get started in Pumble, from registering to your new workspace to providing your team with all the details they need to start collaborating within it.

What is Pumble? #

Desktop app appearance may slightly vary from the screenshot provided

Pumble is a free team messaging app that allows teams of all sizes to communicate and collaborate. Unlike other team messaging apps, it offers unlimited users and messages history – all for free.

It’s available on all platforms, primarily as a web browser app, but also accessible on desktop — Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile — Android and iOS.

For more information on how to get started with Pumble app for mobile application, check out article: Getting Started with Mobile app.

What is a Pumble workspace? #

A Pumble workspace is a place where all communication happens. It’s a place where your collaboration shines. 

Pumble workspace contains the left sidebar where you can see:

The main part consists of:

And the right sidebar consists of:

A Pumble workspace; Desktop app appearance may slightly vary from the screenshot provided

How create or join a Pumble workspace? #

The first thing you should do to create your first Pumble workspace is go to the Registration page, or accept an invitation sent by your teammate to join a Pumble workspace. Check out this article to learn more about Registration to Pumble.

After you’ve successfully registered, you can continue by setting up your profile and main information.

Add information to your profile #

Your profile will help all better understand who you are and what you do in the company.

By default, everyone should add the following to their profile:

  • Name
  • Profile picture
  • Job description or title 
  • Phone number

Here is why this information is useful.

Your name and profile picture can be seen by other people who use Pumble when they search for you, or when you communicate or share content. When you need to send a message to your colleagues, you’ll search them by their name or profile picture.

But when you want to get information about, for example, the progress of the design for your product, you’ll search your colleagues by their title.

If something is urgent, and your colleague isn’t responding, you can try to find his/her phone number and reach them by a phone call or text.

It’s important you know how to set up your profile, so we explained how to do it in a few steps.

How to set up a profile? #

  1. Click on your profile picture at the top right corner
  2. Choose Edit profile
  3. Enter the missing info or add more details about yourself
  4. Click Upload to add your profile photo
  5. Click Save changes when you’re done

Now, when you set up your profile, you can start communicating with colleagues in Channels.

What is a channel? #

You will find all information about a certain topic in the right channel

Whether you’re launching a new website, designing, tracking sales, or planning the next team party, a channel is a place to organize tasks, make decisions important for the project with all small details, and most importantly, collaborate with your team.

Unlike email, discussions in channels are focused on specific topics. You can join and leave public channels as needed.

Conversation in the #marketing channel; Desktop app appearance may slightly vary from the screenshot provided

💡 If you’ve been invited to a workspace as a guest, you can only send messages in channels you have access to, and send Direct Messages to people who belong to the same channels.

What is a DM? #

Private messages between you and your teammates are Direct Messages

If you want to share texts, photos, videos, or files with just one team member, find a teammate and send a message.

Another type of direct messaging is a group conversation with up to seven other team members. 

Designed for a group hangout, or yoga class — everything can happen on group chat.

A conversation between two team members in a direct message

Invite your team member to join a workspace #

Now, when you know the basics, as a workspace owner, you have a chance to invite your team members to your workspace.

Go to the button to invite members and start typing their email addresses. 

Once they receive an email with the invitation link, they should accept it and can immediately start chatting.

💡 If you need to add many people from one team to a channel at once, create a user group and add people to that channel via user group. Note that user groups are a feature available on Business and Enterprise plans.

Conclusion #

Once your workspace is set up, you can share the following resources to help everyone get familiar with Pumble:

💡 If you have questions, search our Help Center anytime or contact our Support team. We’re happy to help if you need a hand!

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